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From Knowing to Doing

I know quite a lot about stock market. I know how money is made in it. I can proudly say that among the section of people I belong to, I know stocks more than the majority. Of course, I have made some investments through some money management company. But, how much of the knowledge have I used it myself..? None.. Honestly, I haven’t made a single investment decision myself, although I speculate a lot.

Money making apart. Be it the desire to cook a special dish, go for an adventure sport, shoot a rare pic, build an awesome product, support a cause or be it an act as simple as writing a blog. How many of us have the right ingredients for these but haven’t used it once.

The point I am trying to make is that there is an element between knowing something and doing it. I call it the go-do factor. You might know everything about cooking a Dosa, you might want to cook one this weekend. But, to actually put on the cooking apron and get into the kitchen, you need some go-do factor.

In my profession, I see a lot of people who speak about technology. They talk about products, policies, Industry dynamics etc.. There knowledge in the field becomes pretty evident. But, my question remains.. why don’t these guys do something with what they know. Statistically, out of 100 updates I read in Facebook + Twitter + Google Reader, only a couple of them say what they have done and the rest speak of what they know. Believe me, its depressing to read about all those amazing ideas and let them go to thrash.

I thought for a while, what stops these people from transferring what they know into what they have done. Are they really incompetent, or do they lack the confidence, is it the fear of failure or are they waiting to see the stars fall..

I remember reading a humorous line in one of Chetan Bhagat’s novel.

“Ananya’s family loved knowledge, irrespective of whether they ever used it”

In this context, it makes some serious sense. Indeed, there are a lot of people around us, who have irresistible thrust for knowledge, they strive to build there knowledge database. And, in that process, they forget to use it.

From my stock market saga to the Dosa expedition, one thing is clear. You gotta roll up the sleeves to see some results, else you better accept the defeat.

Oh yes, there is one exception though, you would cook a Dosa anyways, if you are hungry enough… 🙂