Phir Mile Sur – Yet another perspective

There has been quite a few opinions thrown at the Phir Mile Sur (PMS). A few are excited about it and a few are offended as well. But, my perspective is a little different from all these. I think PMS is one of the best representation of India’s Cultural Time Travel (1988 – 2010).

Original Mile Sur

Phir Mile Sur

The song starts with ARR playing a Continuum Fingerboard. In contrast with the good old legendary musicians who used Indian musical instrument in Original Mile Sur (OMS) to promote Nationality, ARR choose to promote (Inter)nationality. It isn’t all that bad as it sounds. Since, India-now is more synonymous to in-sourcing unlike India-then. And, ARR of Slumdog fame has taken it a step further by in-sourcing music. ARR’s latest gadget is not the only western influence on PMS, we can also see Loy Mendonsa’s Yamaha Motif, Siva Mani’s Zildjian Drums and not to miss Deepika’s gorgeous western outfit. Each one of them in there own way are contributing to our (Inter)nationality. And, nothing wrong about it though.

Yet another difference between India-then and India-now is commercialism. People behind PMS have taken every effort to highlight it. Taj Mahal in OMS as against Taj Mahal Hotel in PMS is a perfect example. Those little sponsor advertisements that come on the screen after the video… I don’t remember seeing anything like that in OMS.

India-then was in a phase of loosing the English influence left behind. But, over the last decade, I think India-now is doing a conscious effort to achieve a discrete recognition in the world. This aspect is very well shown in PMS. For those of you who have missed it, Big B’s trademark style (Song + dialog + Reid&Taylor Suit), Amir’s kya bolti tu, Srk’s iconic pose (arms wide open), Salman’s body-show and Sonu Nigam’s disturbingly over modulated voice… each one of them is shouting for recognition. Which is exactly what India-now is yearning for. And, its not bad.

Against all these odds, we continue to love one another and live with integrity. How I wish, the stars of today forgot all there altercations and came together, like the stars of yesteryears have done, singing Mile Sur Mera Tumhara (Let our tunes unite). May be I am asking for too much…

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